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We pioneered merging online self-governance with a communally managed Bitcoin treasury that lent for yield, starting in 2012.
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Guess we loved our cheese
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"Now we're starting to get to the bottom of the barrel. The hilariously named Empeopled (brace yourself, it gets worse) is a Reddit clone that seems to exist only as a mobile site. As you might guess from its terrible name, it's all about power to the people and holds up democracy with an almost comical fervency.

Empeopled has a whole bunch of lofty goals, from allowing users to rewrite the site rules and actually giving users Bitcoin when their posts are upvoted somehow. Despite the whole democracy thing, Empeopled actually has an absurdly complicated scheme referred to as "Decibel level" where frequent posters' votes will actually count more than others'.

The whole thing seems like a fantastically ambitious disaster. This is a case study in biting off more than you can chew."

-ERIC LIMER, Popular Mechanics
What are we doing now?
Creating blockchain-based digital nations: Share your vision and establish a virtual 'country' to demonstrate the superiority of your innovative approach.
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People who want to build. People who want to change things. People who aren't afraid of failure.
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